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  1. To help guide students to respect appropriate standards of attire.
  2. To assure that clothing and accessories worn by students are free of safety hazards and do not distract from the educational process.

Guidelines for Students:

  1. All clothing must be neat, clean and well fitting. 
  2. Clothing must not be transparent or see-through.
  3. Undergarments must be worn and must not be showing.
  4. Clothing must be properly fitting.  It must not be too large and loose fitting that it is a safety hazard. 
  5. Facial piercings are not permitted with the exception of a single nose stud.
  6. Clothing must cover the region from the shoulders to the mid-thigh (‘fingertip length’ is a guideline).
  7. Skirts, dresses, and shorts must reach the mid-thigh when firmly secured at the waist.
  8. All shirts and dresses must have a sleeve and show no cleavage.  Tank tops are not permitted.
  9. Any slits in dresses and skirts must not extend above the mid-thigh.
  10. Dresses and shirts must not be backless or semi-backless.
  11. Shirts must be long enough to cover abdomen and back even when seated.
  12. Tight-fitting shorts made of spandex material are not permitted.
  13. Pants must be secured at waist. 
  14. If pants have holes, they must be below mid-thigh or leggings must be worn under the pants.  (No skin showing above the mid-thigh). 
  15. Flannel pants and pajama pants are not permitted.
  16. Garments, accessories, tattoos and clothing may not display inappropriate or indecent pictures, advertisements or slogans.  This includes but is not limited to any statements or implications to alcohol, drugs, tobacco, sex, violence, death, hate, racism, violence, obscene language or satanic cults.   
  17. No garment may cover the head including hats, hoodies, sweatbands, bandanas, etc. during the school day.
  18. Outdoor clothing and accessories such as heavy coats, trench coats, hats, gloves, sunglasses etc. are not to be worn in the building.
  19. Foot apparel designed for street wear must be worn inside the building.  Slippers and cleats are not permitted in the building.
  20. Any garment or accessory which is perceived by the administration as a potential weapon is not permitted, including but not limited to wallet chains, chains, spiked chokers or spiked bracelets.


It is generally agreed that to be fashionably dressed is not always to be appropriately dressed.  While in school, students must always be dressed properly.  Because fashion is subject to change, it is impossible to anticipate and list all areas in which decisions on “extreme and acceptable” will need to be made.  Any clothing or accessory that does not follow the guidelines of the dress code, is contrary to the basic educational mission of the school, does not meet the standards of the community, or is considered inappropriate by the building principal will result in a dress code violation.  Any teacher has the right to send a student to the office for a potential dress code violation.  Any student departing from appropriate standards of dress will be sent home, whenever possible, and will be permitted to make up work missed while absent from school.  Detentions may be assigned for every dress code violation and may be assigned by the classroom teacher.  The dress code will be a progressive discipline policy.  Continued offenses may lead to a Saturday School, suspension, and/or the loss of privileges.  The dress code applies to all students attending Carrollton High School and Carrollton Middle School, including but not limited to the Power Digital Academy and the Power Training Center.

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