College Credit Plus


Steps to prepare for CCP in 2023-2024 (Click for Flowchart):

  1. It is very important for all (new and returning) CCP students and parents to attend the CCP Information Night on Wednesday, Nov. 2 from 5:30-6:30pm in the Performing Arts Center. Attendance will be taken at this significant event. It is the responsibility of the student to complete all required steps and these will be discussed at this meeting. Local colleges and universities will be in attendance.

  2. Stark State College Application Day (High School) on Nov. 7th during Advisory periods.

  3. Stark State College Application Day (Middle School) on Nov. 15th during Advisory periods.

  4. Take the Accuplacer (college placement exam) or take the ACT (visit for testing dates). Please use the following link to sign up for Accuplacer at Stark State College Accuplacer Sign up

  5. Mr. Trenger is our CCP Specialist and is available to meet with students and parents each Monday. Schedule a meeting with Mr. Trenger

Please visit Ohio Department of Education's website on College Credit Plus.  

College Credit Plus (CCP) is Ohio's dual credit program
  • Students earn high school and college credit at the same time
  • Students enroll in college courses and adhere to their requirements
  • Courses offered in the high school must be the same course as the college offers

Ohio needs more students who graduate college and career ready. College Credit Plus increases access for students who have not taken full advantage of the opportunity to earn college credits while in high school. 

Carrollton offers approximately 25 CCP courses on campus because we want to support educational goals and remove barriers that can happen if a student leaves our campus to take CCP courses. Our goal is to offer an Associate of Arts Degree through a partnership with Stark State College and Carrollton Exempted Village Schools. This will provide students the opportunity to earn an associate degree without leaving the high school. 

Ohio public school districts and Ohio public colleges and universities must participate in College Credit Plus. Nonpublic high schools and colleges or universities may choose to participate. To be eligible, students must have a remediation free ACT or Accuplacer score in at least one subject area in addition to meeting the admission standards of the participating college or university to which they apply.

There is no cost for the student to participate in College Credit Plus when the student is enrolled in a public college or university.  The school district covers the cost of college tuition and textbooks. Students who receive an F or withdraw from a College Credit Plus course after the 14th day, may be required to pay for the course and the book fee. Students choosing to enroll in a participating private college or university may incur costs.


Carrollton offers an Associate of Arts Degree Pathway for students who are interested in taking the required CCP courses to complete this degree upon graduation. Please see the Program of Studies or view the full
Associate Degree Pathway here. 

If available, the courses are taught by high school teachers who have met the requirements of adjunct professor status, and the course credit earned can be applied toward both high school and college graduation. If no Carrollton staff have achieved adjunct status, a Stark State College Adjunct Professor will teach the course on campus at Carrollton High School or courses will be offered online through Stark State College. The credit from the courses offered at Carrollton can be transferred to other colleges or universities.

Students must complete the required entrance exam for admission into College Credit Plus courses. Students must also complete the college application and registration for the partnering college/university. Students who receive an F or withdraw from a College Credit Plus course after the 14th day, may be required to pay for the course and the book fee. Failing a college course may cause the student to not be allowed to take further college classes. Grades become part of the high school grade point average. Students interested in this program or participating in College Credit Plus and their family must meet with their school counselor and sign a letter of intent by April 1, of the preceding year of intended enrollment. All books purchased for College Credit Plus belong to Carrollton Exempted Village Schools and must be turned in to the Carrollton High School Counseling Office when the course is complete or dropped.