New Student Registration


Welcome to Carrollton Schools!

The District uses Final Forms for kindergarten students and those new to the school district.  

The Carrollton Schools kindergarten is open to all students who live in the district and will be at least 5 years old by August 1st.  Those registering must live in the Carrollton Schools district, if you are not sure, go Carroll County Auditor’s website, once you are on the auditor's website, enter your home mailing address, click on the parcel #, then click on the Levies tab.  Under the Sub-Division.  If you see CARROLLTON EX, then you live in the district.

We have outlined instructions below on how to access the program, register for a new account, and add your child’s information. It is necessary to have the documents listed to the right when you begin registering your child.

Click the image below to begin registering your kindergarten or new student.




Kindergarten Parent Meeting Presentations

Required Documents

  1. Original Birth Certificate - NO copies

  2. Photo ID/State ID for Custodial Parent

  3. Divorce/Custody Documentation (if applicable) - MUST be court signed and date/time stamped

    • Final Divorce Decree which may include Shared Parenting Plan, naming specific parent as residential parent for school placement

    • Grandparent Power of Attorney

    • Temporary Custody Order naming specific guardian - Court Ordered

    • Military Power of Attorney

  4. Current Immunization Records - Required by the State of Ohio

  5. Medical Records - Records of chronic medical conditions (if applicable)

  6. Current IEP/MFE or 504 Plan (if applicable)

  7. Verification of residence - One (1) Proof of Residency is Required: (current utility bill, rental agreement, purchase contract, etc.) - NOTE: If you are moving to Carrollton Schools, you may register your child as soon as you have a purchase agreement or lease agreement for an apartment or rental.

  8. Transcript/Grade cards

  9. Request for Records (see formset to the left)

  10. Student Data Registration Form

  11. Emergency Medical Form

  12. Get parent email address from new students

  13. If kindergarten student, please provide preschool name (if applicable)