Special Services

Special Services Building
1020 Scio Road SW
Carrollton, OH  44615
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By law, public schools must inform parents and eligible students of their rights to consider application to the Ohio Department of Education’s Autism Scholarship Program (for students identified with Autism) and the Jon Peterson Special Needs Scholarship Program (for students identified with an educational disability other than Autism). These scholarship programs offer parents and eligible students a choice to seek educational services from an approved provider rather than their home school district.

Additional information may be obtained from the Ohio Department of Education website, www.ode.oh.state.us under the heading “School Options” and “Scholarship Programs” or Director of Special Services, Mrs. Tricia Green, who may be reached at tricia.green@carrolltonschools.org.

Annual I.D.E.A. and Title One Notice

As part of the September 12, 2023 Regular Meeting of the Carrollton Exempted Village School District's Board of Education Meeting at 5pm, an open forum will be held to discuss the use of I.D.E.A. and Title One funds.

Title IX training links

Level 1 Training: https://connect.bricker.com/e/jteqygayex0d9fa

Level 2, Coordinator & Administrator Training: https://connect.bricker.com/e/zvua2tqmow4qczw

Level 2, Investigator Training: https://connect.bricker.com/e/11kq2g24izuqtgg

Level 2, Decision-Maker Training: https://connect.bricker.com/e/ei0c2f9win5nug

Level 2, Report Writing Training: https://connect.bricker.com/e/km5wmxdl9rzzw